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What is a crib 5 fabric?

What is a crib 5 fabric? - Verve Workspace - Northamptonshire UKCrib 5 fabric is the certification that a fabric meets the stringent safety requirement to be able to be used in a public area.

This is typicall in hospitals, council offices and schools. This is tended to be used in projects and is specified in some cases because of building fire retardency levels.

Verve Workspace provide workplace furniture using Crib 5 Fabric. For more information please visit

Date written: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 15:54:57 +0100

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Verve Workspace

Steve started the company as Evolution Furniture in 2004, after working with some of the most prominent names in the industry. He started the company because he loves furniture and interior design, but felt that overall things could be improved for the customer. Steve is passionate about furniture and making sure our customers get the right advice as well as service levels that will delight.

Steve was born in Glasgow and is married with three young daughters. Having lived most of his life in London, he moved to Northamptonshire for some fresh air and countryside. He is a car fanatic, and enjoys driving and cleaning his car. He loves films and music and was a successful London DJ in the early to mid 1990ís.

Steve is also known for his bad jokes, and the ability to remember them at the most inappropriate moments. He denies that he looks like a taller Ricky Gervais (or did when he was younger anyway).

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